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AFK Arena tips & tricks

Lilith Games recently introduced the AFK Arena for mobile phones, an attractive idle RPG game which instantly made us addicted. Plus we are here to teach you a couple of AFK Arena tips & techniques in a complete strategy guide that will help you create the majority of the fantastic game.

With many heroes unlocked and brand new levels reached. AFK Arena has something for each player that does precisely what can make the game very remarkable. So that as I said, we're here to enable you to get much better in this game.

And so don't waste one second and let us discuss some tricks and tips for any game below!

Focus First on the Campaign
You would like to get as far as you can in the plan as quickly as possible, as this is going to unlock the majority of the information in the game and provide you with some amazing incentives which will help make your life a lot easier

After unlocking several intriguing capabilities in the Dark Forest (especially in the Labyrinth), you must concentrate on the plan until you achieve a minimum of the very first degree of the final degree. For a novice, progress is pretty fair, and you will likely have more than twenty heroes gathered so you are able to create a strong team.

Next you participate in the campaign as frequently as you possibly can to do

Bring Gems to Summon Heroes in Batches of ten Although gems are the primary currency within the game, Lilith Games are incredibly great and present a beginning 1 ton of gems for totally free. After only playing for a couple hours, you will have more than 5,400 gems available, providing you with two stacks of ten heroes each.

Ensure you purchase Heroes for the first time just in batches of ten all in the Noble Tavern. When you do, you're assured to have a rarer Hero, so every time you get it done you are going to pay much less than unlock every Hero individually.

Ordinary Hero Heroes Actually are Useless [19659005] The Heroes of Common are perfectly worthless in the game and you also shouldn't spend resources to enhance them (especially not above level ten). The single advantage of theirs is retirement for online resources. And so don't care about letting them go the moment you've them.

Find More Information: afk.guide

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